Editorial Direction

John Pellam has been in the publishing business for decades, and during this time he has been the editor and publisher of two award-winning publications. Mr. Pellam received his B.A. from the University of California at Irvine, and later served as a founding member of the Advisory Committee for UC Irvine's Extension Program in Marketing Communications. He was an awards judge for the Western Publications Association for more than ten years, and is listed in Contemporary Authors and various other professional reference volumes.

Mr. Pellam's books have been reviewed by the American Library Association, the American Association of Reference Librarians and American Reference Books Annual, as well by numerous other publications and journals. Specializing in both architecture/interior design books as well as biographical volumes, he has traveled extensively and has met with dozens of the individuals featured in his books.

John Pellam
Over the past 18 years Mr. Pellam has researched, edited and published a total of 30 hardcover books, eight of which are full-color editions; these volumes have been distributed to various countries throughout the world.

Mr. Pellam founded Bibliotheque: World Wide in 1988 with the publication of his first biographical reference volume on leading designers and architects.


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